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The best constructions involve the use of exceptional materials, skills, and standards. Newport Concrete Services is one of the outstanding Newport RI concrete flatwork contractors company you will find in the market. Our services are built to give the customer quality in every piece of work that you hand us. Over the years, we have managed no continually improve and offer the best concrete services.

Newport RI Concrete Flatwork Services Offered

Newport Concrete Services offers a range of extensive concrete flatwork services tailored to exceptionally meet the demand, tastes, and preferences of our client. Here are some of the activities that we always offer exceptional and under high-quality standards.

Concrete Flatwork

Our team of professionals is trained to not only complete a flatwork contract but also to ensure that it has added significant value through ensuring quality standards. Be it a patio, foundations, driveways, or walkways sidewalks; we guarantee to give you perfectly flat services. We combine the best experts on each job to offer consultation, controls, and measures to provide your concrete flatwork the best touch.


Style and design determine the appearance of concrete surfaces and structures heavily. Newport Concrete Services is the best choice for finishing, which you can quickly see from our past contracts. We understand that you want that surface and concrete structure to not only serve but also create attention through style and design.

Our team of experts in Newport, RI sits with you to plan and then institute the best finishes for your project. We evaluate each task checking the requirements and then combining it with quality materials and expertise. We ensure that you get a perfectly even surface through our finishing experts, which adds the aspects of design and best styles.

Concrete Flatwork Repair Newport RI

Over time, constructions tend to fade out and even become less effective. Newport Concrete Services is there to ensure that that sidewalk or patio is rejuvenated to give it the original or even better appearance. We bring in our best minds coming up with solutions to better what was already present. We use a collaborative approach even for the smallest repairs ensuring observance of high quality to satisfy our clients.

When you call us for repairs, we assess the damage present and then create a plan that rectifies the mess giving you an even better concrete surface and structure. Newport Concrete Services is a company that sees the problem through the eyes of a client, which gives us a higher hand in concrete repairs.

Concrete Flatwork Resurfacing Newport RI

Newport Concrete Services drives excellence through the use of the best contractors, and subcontractors. We use a straightforward approach to coming up with each resurfacing. Our concrete flatwork team of professionals first identify where the resurfacing is required. We listen to your specifications and also give our suggestions to create a masterpiece.

Through the use of quality machines, tools, and equipment, we handle the resurfacing contract to deliver you the best. We work towards ensuring that your surface retains its original look and functionality.

Why Our Concrete Services Are The Best In Newport RI

Quality service is what gives Newport Concrete Services, a distinctive mark in this industry. We use several approaches that are geared towards ensuring that each job gets the best touch. We are concrete services that bear excellence through affordable prices and timely services. Here is how our company works, creating a distinctive mark in the concrete services. Our staffs consist of the best-experienced professional around the worlds, and our hiring process is vigorous, which ensure we pick the best candidate.


Way before we start repairing or resurfacing, we take you through several steps to deliver excellence. These are the parts involved in the pre-construction process.

  • Reviewing the concrete flatwork design and materials.
  • Check on the safety concerns for your site.
  • Identify and eliminate any long lead times
  • Estimate and make budget adjustments.

Design Development

Once you handle us a contract, we proceed to come up with additions to the design elements through the following.

  • Advice on the best materials and time concerns.
  • Estimate time and budget extents.
  • Give alternative choices when it comes to materials and systems of working.
  • Review and edit the subcontractors.


Once we have identified the parameters that determine any construction in the planning and designing stage, we proceed to the actual construction. We take it through the following processes.

  • Supervision of your project.
  • Monitoring and maintaining concrete projects per schedules.
  • Look for daily updates to pass to the client detailing the crucial parts of concrete construction.
  • Managing all aspects that involve changes for any concrete flatwork projects and other projects.
  • Coordinating with contractors and subcontractors.
  • Ensuring daily and periodic site clean-ups and instituting safety compliance measures.


Newport Concrete Services goes on to add concrete services even after the completion of a task. We create a followup checking on different parameters as a guarantee of our services.

  • Insurance and followup on guarantees offered to our customer.
  • Periodic maintenance functions on each concrete service.
  • Specialized training on maintenance and usage practices.

Our Continued performance in the concrete construction industry results from applying strategies, inputs, and expertise that bears exceptional results. Our way of working gives us a higher notch in the industry with additions of the following supporting elements.

  • Ever supporting and vibrant team of professionals.
  • Excellent leadership that helps in the management of each concrete construction.
  • We attach great attention to the element of customer satisfaction through the use of strategies that ensure value delivery.
  • Newport Concrete Services, also has a hand in ecological conservation seen in every task that we handle.
  • Upholding high ethical and moral standards while working under the set regulations set in our working environment.

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Newport Concrete Services, has continually served Worcester with the best concrete services specializing in several areas. Our system of working gives us a distinctive mark in the concrete construction industry. We use approaches and strategies that drive excellence in every contract that we handle. Reach us today at 401-205-3747 to experience an exceptional taste of our concrete services. Newport Concrete Services, will always be there to create that masterpiece you have always desired.